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Meet Lisa Medley

Lisa Medley, is an executive and leadership coach and teacher who used her impeccable work ethic and professional grind to position herself as a highly credentialed leadership development expert dedicated to helping Black professional women advance their careers.


It all began with salmon cakes, grits, and toast.


My home in Philly was a safe space for a handful of Black women to gather and share their most intimate challenges. Every month we gathered in my home, shared a delicious breakfast, played our favorite gospel music, and prayed. That time together grounded us, inspired hope, and facilitated change.

Then it all came tumbling down.


My husband of 10 years walked out on me and our five children.


At 33 years old, with five children (ages 6 months - 8 years old) in tow, I enrolled in undergraduate school and earned my Bachelor’s Degree.


A few years later, I started my corporate career. I drove 144 miles a day, four-six days a week for $13/hour. In just three years I advanced to a senior role.


My grind didn’t stop there.


I took my coaching to another level by earning a Master of Science in Executive Coaching.  


I’m one of the first 24 people in the U.S. to do it.


Black professional women face challenges unlike any other race or ethnicity. Their executive coaching and leadership development must be different.


I know what Black professional women need.


“Lisa gave me exactly what I needed in the moment. If it was tough love because I was being stubborn or tenderness when I was In a vulnerable place. Lisa was able to get her points across to me.”


My coaching and training is designed to specifically to help them advance.

      Where My Clients Work

Where My Clients Work

Lisa Medley Executive Coaching (LMEC) is an Executive Coaching firm headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. working globally to provide professionals & teams a safe space to assess their strengths & opportunities, build their strategic advantage, and expand their contributions through strong leadership.


People who experience LMEC coaching describe it as “transformational” and “life changing”. Balancing experience with strategy, powerful questioning, and empathetic listening,  Person after person achieves tangible results.


The greatest risk you face is not taking one. The greatest mistake you can make, is not getting help.


Wherever you are in your career or business, Lisa Medley Executive Coaching is ready to prepare you for the journey ahead.

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Executive Coaching is a Powerful Step
Toward Career Advancement

“…My team left those engagements energized, renewed, and eager to
work on improvement opportunities Lisa helped uncover. Her listening
skills and probing questions really help you get to the heart of the issues.”


Jennifer Johnson

Vice President, Enrolment Management and Marketing,
Queens University of Charlotte

“I would completely recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to make
personal changes or gain skills to overcome career roadblocks. After
working with Lisa, I received two promotions at work.”


Charlene Alexander

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